BaseWars money problem

Hey guys i just finished up with my basewars and i have seem to run into a problem that i do not know of… the gamemode is great but my buy menu comes up and you cant buy a thing from it and my money says rec,onn,ect is there a way to fix that (i do not have MySQL or FastDL yet so could that be my problem)

So you wrote a gamemode but don’t know how it works? OR did you setup basewars and need help? Have you tried contacting the creator? Are there any errors? Does it NEED MySQL?

no one will help you with a stolen gamemode.

I did not steal it i bought it… and i did not make it 100% i fixed some of his codes but i did it before i fixed it and my version and it doesnt work
idk if i need it he said he didnt need it when he ran it

Ask the seller?

Well if you’re lucky and he is like me, he will help his client and assist him.