Basewars Revival for Gmod13 ( development - help request )

Hey guys, im working on a revival of the basewars gamemode for gmod13.
I think it’s the best gamemode to play around and do serious fps stuff. Just the perfect gamemode for gmod.
(Sandbox is boring, no real goal and i better don’t talk about darkrp… )

Sadly there is no working public script. Only the old one from RGaming for an older version of gmod.

I want to change this and give the community a nice and working basewars :downs:
I have learned lua in the last 2 months and i will completly rewrite the project.
At the moment, the project is around 10-20% finished.
I realized, it will be a hell lot of work for just one person with my experience.
I am not a bad coder, but i’m slow because i’m still learning the gmod lua. I also try to only use the new features like the netlib.

And in the hope to finish this sooner i decided to ask the community for some help.
I am sure some of you want to do more than just creating the next swep or sent, but are a bit to lazy to create a whole big project on their own :wink:
I’d appreciate any help, no matter if you are a coder or not. (I would love some design help for stuff like hud or shop)

If anyone is interested to help reviving this great gamemode just answer this post or contact me in steam:

I know that people always want to see something, so here are some screens from a very early alpha stage of my version:

PS: some parts are stolen from somewhere else, but this will be rewriten before the project is finished!

Regards, .delay

I worked on BaseWars some months ago aswell.
If you need help, you can add me in steam.

Ok, sounds good, i will add you to steam.

Thanks, but i already have robbos script, i will check it in the next days.

Wrong thread, sorry =S

bump this! Because we all love basewars :rock:

I was confused by the HUD being familiar at first, then I realized it’s taken from my Garry’s Mod Stranded :v:

Yeah, i learned much from your stranded. Your scripts are great :smiley:

Too bad the stranded isn’t fully recoded yet, so much of it is shit-code and bad practice.

It’s not hard to make a HUD…

Yeah, but i’m not good in design stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still working on it :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Delay nice to see you back again !, Luckly for me I was able to beta test your earlier version :stuck_out_tongue:

That HUD reminds me of Wolf Haleys Sleek HUD.

yeah, i like the style & colors of sleek hud :smiley:

I will help out as much as I can, as I love BaseWars and want to have a basewars server (:


Add me please (: