Basewars Roleplay Gamemode Idea

I’ve been screwing around with a roleplaying server for around a year or so, haven’t gotten a firm client group or anything, basically just to see if I could do it and for fun. However, the other day while I was whipping together a wire gunstore, I realized this was like the hundredth one I’ve built and how boring my server was getting, not only to me but also the minge I kicked for playing against server rules, which he blurted out that my server was “generic” and “He’ll find another one just like it anyways…” I didnt think much of it, until lastnight. Now roleplaying is a fun gamemode dont get me wrong, but after you’ve been every job (even the custom ones) so much that you spend the majority of your time on the server playing as a admin on duty, I feel that the idea of roleplaying is essentially contradicted.

So, what am I getting at by shpealing about sometime I had on roleplay? Well, lastnight I may have consumed some “substances” which in turn made me feel creative. I want to make a cross or “hybrid” between the roleplaying game mode and the basewars gamemode. Now you may be asking, “Well, what do you want to keep from them but also what do you want to get rid of or disable?” I love the money system of darkrp. The fact that you can virtually earn a currency to then apply to what you virtually want to do it is realistically awesome, love that idea, always have, always will. As for how people will make this money while basewaring, I don’t know if it’s possible, but to have ACF installed on my server and give all the spawnable props a ammount that would be given when that prop is destroyed. And if they add acf armor to the prop, add a multiplier for every thousand or so armor they give, it increases the amount given by like .2 or something. I want to keep jobs and the basic roleplaying game expereience ( no no clip, cant prop surf, ect…) and printers for vip groups and others similar.

I dont know if I want to make teams that people can choose a side and fight. or if I want to have a certain amount of time given before people are allowed to leave a certain area so they can build their creations. During that time I may enable no clip but disallow going through props to assist in building. Not tht it makes a difference in the gamemode but just so you guys know, I would run the gm on a gm_ map like flatgrass or something like it.

Does anyone else think this would be a good idea to try and create? Also, is any of it possible or ideal? I have a fundimental understanding of lua (structure, functions, hooks,) but I’m not really sure how to create a gamemode because ive never done it. Is there anyone that may want to help in the creation of this? If this actually seems to be a possibility, I am going to follow through with attempting to create it and I’m open to new and criticising ideas, I love them actually. So if you have anything you would like to say please dont hesitate to post. I want to make this not only for my server but for others enjoyment aswell, to expand and be colaberated on and to be used as a gamemode on others servers.


Basewars is so overdone. Try thinking of something original. Like TeletubbiesRP.

darkrp is your solution

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Yeah the gamemode basewars is over done, but that’s also the reason I want to combine the two gamemodes to make one that’s new and unique. Basically the server would be ran as if it was roleplaying, however, there’s just a different way to make money and house yourself. You would build your own… well everything. Homes, vehicles, weapons (gun turrets, weaponed vehicles.) Think of it as roleplaying in desert storm if you like that. lol I just thought it was a fun sounding way to go about roleplaying.

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Needs more cowbell… I mean detail. Why do you disagree?

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Like I said to code_gs, the gamemode would mainly be dark rp, just with basewars characteristics.

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The answer to everything big is just a answered version of everything small.

Idk, I figured I’d something irrelevant since you’re doing so.

Fundamentally flawed due to the vast difference in pace and purpose. RP is a slow grind of creative (ideally) building, while basewars is all about rushing to destroy.

You can’t roleplay a base war, unless you mean like “I’m a medic”.

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GTbrawlers was saying that you posted this thread in the wrong section; this section is for released projects or playable gamemodes. Ideas go in developer discussion.

Ah. Bitch slap received. Thanks and I’ll move it now.
Follow along if you’d like to see my progress.
Oh and my apologize GTbrawlers, I was unaware of what your point was.

DarkRP is like roleplay and basewars had sex already…
You raid and build bases and you roleplay within it…