Basewars Server: Looking for an experianced coder

I am starting a gaming community along with one other person and we are going to be starting with a Gmod basewars server. Neither of us have experience with lua (hence this thread) However we do have someone who has slightly been introduced to it but we are going to need a little more than that. One maybe two coders will be great, In terms of “what you’ll be doing” specifically Is honestly unknown to me. I’ll leave it at “everything that need to be done to make this work.” We have the base of the basewars game mode but it is broken and we would like to improve it to our liking. Details to it will be explained to whoever decides to take on this challenge. Also we would like someone who would want to be a part of the community and would like to even play on the server when it is up (as a admin of course) It is not required but It would be nice to add another member to our group.

Thanks Pineapple.

Contact information

Skype name: darkzkid
Steam: Pineapple Kush

-Payment will be through paypal if it shall be required
-Negotiations available however it must be reasonable

I’ve played a few basewars servers and custom guns, ways of income are always a popular thing.