Ok, so I’ve started it earlier today properly, I am going to do it and it’s not really like fortwars which I’ve explained in my previous thread which I’ll quote later.

I’ll add to the below quote every time I do something new.

The basic idea is an all-out war gamemode where you build a fort in the space of five minutes, you add things like weapons and everything, with the use of the normal “Q” menu, which can include things like wire, and special weapons which are welded to props using a tool, to destroy other peoples bases. Each prop has a health depending on their mass. They each cost money and the cost is decided by the mass (will be integrated into advanced duplicator, this is automatic, not using preset props!). Each time you destroy a prop, you half the amount it costs added to your balance. However, the big cash rake-in is if you win the round. By the end of it I plan on adding a system where you can create teams dynamically in games, select the colour, team name, then capacity, which will automatically give them access to the teams prop protection. Or you can go it alone. If someone uses the prop remover tool to try and get all your money from your props you can vote them off of the team. However them using the prop remover on your prop will be impossible. There will be more, but this is just a brief description of my plans.

I might note I did start it before, but I decided to trash it and make it a little more efficient, so what you see in the quote is what I’ve just started recoding today :stuck_out_tongue:

Post your thoughts etc. Got an idea for it? Just post it. You can say the idea is similar to fortwars if you want, but I don’t think it is. I jumped over the moon when I saw fortwars thinking it was going to be something like this then it wasn’t anything like it and I hated it xD

Thought I’d mention something about the teams, with them it wont be using the basic garry’s mod teams, because that’d be almost impossible to have dynamically xD
I’ll have a different system, you’ll understand it once you see it which you will when I’ve coded it.

I hope this is one of the gamemodes where you build up a base and attack the other team. Those gamemodes are really fun to play :>

Make it simple. Don’t overstuff it with features. The main problem with most fortwar gamemodes is that there are so many features that they are hard to get into. That old GeoForts gamemode NightEagle made was great because it was relatively simple and fun.

Make it safe, simple, and fun.

[li]Don’t use stock props, get someone to make you some generic shaped building block models.
[/li][li]Don’t make props spawn through a spawn menu, make some other system. I liked GeoForts because they had these spawn platform entities that spawned the props for you. They had these nifty screens with the block shaped icons on it that you pressed to spawn the corresponding block shapes.
[/li][li]Make it have a build round thats between 5 and 15 minutes, and a fight round that’s about 10 to 15 minutes.
[/li][li]Capture the flag is always a good idea.
[/li][li]Make a way to easily delete props. Maybe drop them off the side of them map where they get deleted.
[/li][li]Make it so if a player is quickly unfreezing a bunch of props, freeze the player to stop them. Griefers like to do this to destroy whole forts.
[/li][li]Make props destructible.
Keep in mind this is my personal preference. These are all features I’ve loved from previous gamemodes.

Reminds me of Onslaught.

If you had read Props are destructible xD
However the main point is so that you build with the Q menu, I might add a way to have a voted CTF or something, that would be easy to add.

It’s just a general list of tips.

Oh ok, I’m going to do some more work on it later, was doing that “Gmod hotel” yesterday (I like having two projects to do).

Well, the quote is kinda… a misquote, but im talking about the get someone to make you some generic shaped building blocks part of his post. I’m not amazing with modeling but i could try to make some basic shapes. Wait, actually on second thought, im just gonna recommend using tiled mod. It already has all of the props you’d think of with basic shapes. Only thing it might be missing is a pyramid, can’t remember off the top of my head. But besides that its got squares, cubes, circles, spheres all in different squares. And they look nice if you’ve got a good graphics card :smiley:

EDIT : Also, Just A Few Ideas To Add Onto grea$emonkey’s

  • Instead of off the side of the map, have an incinerator bin kind of thing where you drop in props and it deletes them :smiley:
  • I’d say a 7 Minute Build Time And 13 Minute Round Time, Giving You 20 Minute Rounds. Maybe Have An Upgrade Pause For Maybe A Minute Or So After 6 Minutes? Making It 7 min build, 6 min round, 1 min upgrade, 6 min round. That way the games aren’t too long but they’re aren’t real short.
  • Make it so that if all the players die it plays some really awesome sound effect like “EPIC FAILURE!” to everyone :slight_smile:

[Note To grea$emonkey] : “Make it so if a player is quickly unfreezing a bunch of props, freeze the player to stop them. Griefers like to do this to destroy whole forts.”
Just a little thing called prop protection, it does the trick :slight_smile:

Then the griefers will block their own team in and no one can do anything about it.

“Quickly unfreezing a bunch of props” are the key words.

Sorry I meant to quote his response. Fixed now.

Well, I’m going to work on this today, yesterday was a gmod hotel day, today is BaseWars xD

make a vote-unpp system perhaps? kinda like adding a vote to disable pp on a person to simple prop protection, that would do the trick. :smiley:

facepalm Did you even read the first post?

Anywho, will there be HL2 props, or will it be all custom stuff? And please add mounted (but limited-ammo) weapons to add to the forts for defense! And possibly even some sort of long-range launcher (that’s a base-to-base weapon!). And mines wouldn’t hurt IMO. I’d say 5 or 10 should be the max.


If you noticed the lately going gamemodes they change during the development. So thats why I keep that post there. Just incase the gamemode turns from BaseWar to DMWar.

Is there a dev build to release?

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SNPCs that you could buy and they will defend your base or attack theirs?

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