What can i do to make a basewars server has any one coded a basewars gamemode for the public?
The link above again Does not work for me at all
Command line changer: Basewars-master
Thats what i did nothing happend?
And yes i did put it in gamemodes?
i also tryed basewars
and Basewars
in the the command line chaner and nothing happend!

put rgbasewars

Yeah I’m struggling to get this working too, rgbasewars does not work

If you actually look into the files you’ll notice that pretty much nothing apart from the basics are set up. You’ll either have to wait until the developers finish it or you’ll have to add on to it yourselves.

I made this mode work 90% a few bugs :slight_smile: add my skype if someone need help with the gamemode
Skype: Wont update it for people anymore.

i get atleast 2-4 adds everyday. Thanks.

Ps got a completly gamemode i modified so it works:)

Dake123 Dont have skype but could you message me from steam my ID is Krazyboy09 and im Gear been trying to get this gamemode working for hours and nothing

Nerifus i totally forgot gmod 13 came so i didnt update it ^^ but!
It will be ready tonight so ill add you :wink:

Thanks :smiley: i added you before i started up my new comp, sort of stuck on Prepaing game list atm

I’m coding a Basewars gamemode and it’s for a client. If you need any assistance with it then you’ll find me on a “Public Basewars Development Server”, and add me on steam JJoHH

Ya, i downloaded Basewaresmaster-13 and we keep getting Lua errors and well we dont know how to do Lua coding at all, trying to get this server set up for our 15-24player lan party in a few weeks >-<

You should start and see what the errors are, or just find another gamemode.

the errors in the menu. trying to figure them out. buut it seems to the pictures / models they used in the basewars 13 aint there or something but can easily be fixed.

Im guessing the q menu or F4 menu, but I fixed both of them and added some new features.

BTW: Changelog Here
I keep it up to date regularly.

so should release it to the public :slight_smile: lol, i’ve tried talking to them about another game mode but they are being yah…

I might release it to the public but it will be all basic unlike the changelog. Sort of like DarkRP.

Just the basic Basewars i like, Printers / Raiding is all the fun i need anything else would get crazy

Thats exactly what I’m thinking

Would be great if your thinking happens :)!!!

Is this project still active? I’m looking for a basewars gamemode :slight_smile: If needed i’m willing to help development if I can. I’m pretty new to LUA but i can do some stuff.

I got Basewars13 from RGaming to work partially :slight_smile: