Any One Got A Basewars Gamemode
I really am in dier need for this gamemode, if any one has this gamemode could you contact me. Either by comenting or add me on steam.
Lots of money printers
Donation menu in f3 tab
custom models
Steam name [edmg] m1

You just can’t decide on a gamemode, can you.

Stop tryna steal basewars go convert it yourself… jesus this guy is a total idiot dont even try code him it he’s useless. not tryna be a dick but he got scammed like 3 times and he pays with his mum’s credit card…

Honestly, you said that you have coded Flood by yourself and people have stolen your coding.

If you really did code Flood, I see there is no problem in you being able to code Jailbreak, Flood or a Roleplay.

Btw these are usless coments and probably bannable

Your threads are bannable too for spam.

Speaking of useless, this thread is silly enough.

Wow, and I thought people weren’t that bad enough to do that. In fact, the formatting on almost everyone one of those threads almost look the same.