Basewars is a gamemode created originally by LmaoLLama ( LlamaLord ) quite a few years ago from now, it used to be a bunch of different gamemode packed together.

The aim of the gamemode was to become the strongest faction and richest player. You could get money through a few different activities such as using money printers, raiding other peoples bases and getting paid to destroy their raidables or using drug labs to sell drugs.

The gamemode had a great feel of progression and teamwork with the correct player base on your server.

The old gamemode was an extremely fun one to play however the code has been out of date for a very long time and it is very, very messy. So i have decided to recode it while trying to keep core aspects of the gamemode the same as before.

So far i have managed to get the following things finished.

  • Saving and loading player data ( TMySQL4 )
  • Money System
  • Mining System
  • Configurable Store System
  • Drug System
  • Power Up System ( Almost Done )
  • Faction System
  • HUD
  • Scoreboard
  • Store UI
  • Faction System
  • Notifications
  • Customised Chatbox ( Thanks Exho! )

Here are some pictures of what i have got to show so far :slight_smile:

Base Defenses ( Turret which is not finished and the Tesla Station )[/t]

Structure Information


**Notifications **


Credits To People


Faction Menu


Basic HUD ( Created By LmaoLLama? )


I will be hosting the gamemode once it is finished however when i stop hosting the server the gamemode will be released for public use.

I am interested in any suggestions for the gamemode and also any criticism!

I love basewars so much, I don’t care if it’s like a “bad darkrp recode shitty gamemode” it was so fun with friends, I’ll play it when you host it and hopefully once you put it up I’ll be hosting it too

I would like to host a server, Could i speak to you on steam about it? My steam is : [BSN] Segeco

Looks neat, your scoreboard and HUD images are in the wrong order and also your DListView isn’t aligned. (i’m sure you know but)

Look forward to seeing the final result!

Chatbox represent :smiley:

REALLY Reminds me of 16 Bytes Basewars Gamemode.
The one that was released on Coderhire and ScriptFodder.

Eh, you know I like the little tesla setup you got there.

A screen shot from his gamemode.

NEVER seen ANYONE layout their credits page like that other then 16 Bytes.

I purchased yours as a learning curve, you had much more efficient ways of doing things than i originally did so i learnt from them.

For an example the way you created the printers, i used to be making an entity manually for each one and you used just one line of lua for it :<

I don’t mind admitting there is a bit of 16 Byte’s logic behind the gamemode, but the code is not his :slight_smile:

And also Segeco, The gamemode will not be released for public hosting for a little while.

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That credit layout is quite a generic design, vertically going down.

It’s really nothing special.

Still, VERY alike.

you’ve never seen a credits page listed black-on-white, vertically?

Good job, looking good

Thanks very much man.

Whip-Tide i honestly cannot see why you are getting so worked up over my credits page and tesla’s.

I have already said that i had purchased 16-Bytes version to learn ways of doing things more efficiently and it has taught me an awful lot.

The fact i use a vertical credit page which follows the rest of my Basewars UI theme, well it’s really a simple design having a vertical layout?

You can’t exactly copyright a vertical design, if something looks good people tend to not change it. Chances are 16 bytes saw it somewhere else first too, like at the end of every movie ever

Okay, got some free time on the weekend;

Added: Levelling / Exp system, earn exp by raiding other players and destroying their items.
Added: Drug system, enhance your character for various amounts of time.
Added: Sentry turrets, trip wire and mines.
Added: New scoreboard, categorizes factions into their own sections.
Added: Custom spawn menu.

I will probably be able to host the gamemode at a playable and enjoyable state in 2 weeks or so :slight_smile:

RIP two weeks :hammered:

You credit Llamalord but not Sam! Unfair seeing as Sam did a lot of … work? … on the gamemode.
[sp]And pretended Llamalord died in a car accident to get donation money.[/sp]

Man I loved this game mode back in the day when WCA was still gunning strong with its 3 or 4 servers! I may just put one up if this is updated by AIX sometime :v

I’ve been in hospital for a while, had a head on collision on my motorbike, taking lots of pain killers and having work done on my lungs as there is something quite badly wrong with them. Once I am physically stable i’ll work on It more.

Holy shit man I’m sorry to hear that, get well soon eh?