This is an open-source version of BaseWars designed to help drive more players into the gamemode, by offering servers a better alternative of the gamemode to run, compared to some of the public ones i’ve seen around.
This is by no means designed to be used as-is, but provides a much better starting block for people who want to run a BaseWars server than the stuff I previously mentioned.


Easy to setup
Easy (and mostly idiot proof) to configure
Easy to use entity bases

Crashes recover lost player money (Most of the time, it's not perfect)
Progression via a leveling system, and RDM discouragment through Karma
Automated Anti-SpawnKill
Automated raiding; No 'random raids'

A Custom chatbox
Built in Textscreens tool (Better than some of the public versions; parser based, no fixed line amt, ect, but no gui as of yet...)

Language support (Per-server, sorry, it would be a pain to make it per-client now.)


A CPPI Compliant prop-protection addon.
A fading door addon.


Just download it, then drag it into garrysmod/gamemodes and extract it.

Help Menu

Main Menu





This gamemode also includes a modified version of twitch weaponry 2, which I use as my weapons since I like them.

Download: github
Theres a bit more detail on the github readme.

The chatbox included by default is now also on the workshop.

Looks nice man, really like the look.

Good job keep up the good work.

Glad there’s a public release! Thanks!

On the printers you should try using surface.DrawLine instead of those little dashed lines

that is surface.drawline, the dashing effect is because OP has antialiasing disabled

Also, not sure but I think you forgot to include the key image for doors, cause its purple and black for me or it could just be me.

It’s there? Have you made sure you have set the download for it up correctly?

Hey, nice work on the gamemode so far, one thing that has always made me stop developing my version is a lack of interest from others, and no one ever being on the server.

Hopefully the basewars gamemodes get the attention they deserve! Good Job!

Since it ia unfinished what is still left to be done? I would be interested in running this and would like to do some work on it but not sure what still needs to be implemented.

Quests don’t work at all yet (so no way to get positive karma), the npc system is not at all fleshed out as i had planned and the textscreens tool has no GUI.

Factions need color implementing in the creation GUI, along with finishing the ability to change your factions password.

Also there seems to be some random issues with raids, especially factionVfaction.

Finally leaving during a raid incuurs no penalty, so I was going to make it configurable to automaticly delete all their stuff and pay it out if they leave.

If you do intend to do some work on anything though, please try to PR it so everyone would benefit.

Neat! I might end up contributing to this…

Hey! you stole my shop menu layout!
Granted i copied it from fundk, so they should get the credit for that.

Also noticed you stole my bounty system idea.

And it looks like you also stole my shop item color-coding idea.

Please give credit where due.
And it certainly is due given that you’ve sourced a lot of ideas from existing servers.

Oh nevermind, i found your credits in shared.lua.
Thanks! <3

so if anybody makes a bunch of dspawnicons parented to a dcollapsiblecategory they have to give you credit? i don’t think thats how it works yknow
plus that tab layout is exactly what the original lmaollama basewars had (because their q menu was c+p from gmod 10s code)

Actually i was referring to the tree display and the color coding.
Not the dcollapsible and spawnicons.
Add the balance sheet and it will look like a near identical copy of what i’m using.

Either way didn’t realize it was q2f2 posting it with all the weird letters in his name.
Almost thought this was a stolen leak till i noticed it was q2’s code.
I’ve worked with him in the past and a pretty good fellow.
And in fact he had stated way back that he was using some of my ideas.
Not directly copying, but more replicating.
Nice to see he’s pushing a functioning version out there for the gamemode to grow with.
Top Chap.

Please keep your unfounded comments to yourself please.

A bit(…) late but actually it uses draw.RoundedBox with a height of 1, I made it like that because I’m a GLua noob.


for future reference avoid raping the unholy hell out of your players fps by using surface.DrawLine or surface.DrawRect unless you actually need a box with rounded corners

i am sorry master robbo
ill try harder next time

much nicer :science101: