Well, it’s an idea I had. I’m considering making it.

Anyway, the basic idea is, you start the game, you have five minutes of build time, and you can stop the time early in case you have an advanced dupe of your fort or whatever. You wont be able to spawn props after the time is up. The gamemode would have some sort of a weapons system similar to g-combat, and you can destroy other peoples bases. ALL props would be destructible. There would also be a cash system, where you can buy items and weapons, and then you place them. This is where you’d get premade stuff, and super-weapons. Each weapon would cost “credits” (which is the cash name), and the stronger it is, the more it costs. You will also be able to get super defences from it, of course there will be normal defenses. Something else I will add is the ability to have normal defenses, which can be used with simple STOOLS during your build time. Each prop you destroy, and player you kill, will earn you credits (30 per prop, 300 per kill), when you die you’ll be brought back to life, to continue defending your base. Each player/team will have an area of space to build in. No more than the preset building space will building be allowed. During the build time, your props can not be destroyed, and you will not be able to die. Once the build time is up, you’ll lose the ability to noclip, and anti-noclip (in case of cars with no-collide on etc) will be enabled on all props.

I have more ideas for this, I’ll probably post them later.

But anyway, what do you think? Is it worth trying? Or should I not bother and just make something else.

Post your thoughts, comments, etc.

I think this has already been done.

I don’t think it has. Also, you might be thinking of FortWars, which is a completely different thing. FortWars is where everyone teams up to build a fort, one piece at a time, no spawn menu or anything.
This’d be completely different to that. Nothing like capture the flag, or whatever you have to capture in that. The goal of this gamemode, is to destroy the ememys base :wink:

No offence, but the idea isn’t really original.



Fortwars is COMPLETELY different.
Like I’ve already said.
Fortwars == Building piece by piece FORTS.
This is proper bases like with rooms etc.
Ready for war, and not to collect some gay item.

it’s not gay :frowning:

Sounds like Onslaught with player enemies.
Its already been done, might be good lua practice, but other than that, I bet you wont get very much support at all.

Who the fuck would build a really big and elaborate base? You could just make a really big box of shit people will never blow through and run over to destroy their base.

it’s okay spider, he didn’t mean it

You’re welcome to try, but with the depth you want, it’d be hard, and since it’s already been done…

True, but that hasn’t stopped RP developers, and see what that brought us. Anyway, make it and we’ll see where it goes, I don’t think you’ll get an actual team together without something that makes this unique from the rest, because trust me, this idea has been done.

Onslaught but with actual players besides npcs.

sometimes things need to be remade.

It’d be more original if you were to have ONE team making the fort, and the other making seige weapons with a group of set props, and the fort would have to fill a certain space in order for it to be a viable base, in which you could have rooms, bunkers, and that kinda thing.

… I dunno, might make it slightly more interesting…

This is something (with a little more omph) that I’m making, but only because its my first time in lua and I’m still a noob at programming. It’s a good starting point I think. Don’t listen to these people. Make it, test your skill at it, get better, start off simple. That’s my plan.

It already is being re-made :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds like flood without the flooding

So… not Flood?