Basic Death Match gamemode

I bet this already exists but can someone link me (or make a quick) death match gamemode?

Just two sides that have to kill each other if it has classes it would be even better so the player in each team can choose between different classes.

-Thanks, Syl.

I tried doing this. I failed miserably.

I too have been looking for something like this…

Should I restart mine?

If its somewhat simple and customizable

Just use base gamemode? And seriously, this would take like 2 hours max to make.


1.) I accept the challenge. There will be two different teams.
2.) A player gets selected randomly to be chosen on one team.
3.) Each team gets different attributes - EG: team 1 gets 200 health, but run speed is slow, while team 2 gets 100 health, but run speed is fast.
**Something like that.**

Literacy is a lost cause… if you didnt notice this is under “Requests”.

Actually, I almost finished it. Just a few bugs left…

My apologies I mis-read your post =/

Alright, I finished parts of it. I really wanted to get this out to you, since you’ve been waiting a day.

1.)Announces when a player joins specific team
2.)Depending on which team player is on, they get different attributes
3.)2 teams (3 if counting Spectator)
4.)fast load time
5.)A derma menu to choose teams

I was going to have it be random teams, but I couldn’t figure out math.random
So you have to type either:

Join_Team1 to join “The Griefers”
Join_Team2 to join “The Avengers”
Join_Spectator to join “Spectators”

Will be releasing to and then giving link here.

would it be possible to make a small Derma menu bound to say… F1 in which you can chose your team?

I’m making a small derma menu right now, and yes, it’s possible to use f1 - f4 to use those keys.
I can try to do that if you feel I should


Also sorry 'bout not uploading yet, there’s a lot more errors that I didn’t see.
It works, it’s just some things can be… er… abused more than others…

Its fine, take your time; And if you dont mind, the Derma menu would be great.

The derma menu isn’t cooperating right now…
I can make single player derma menus but when I try serverside it says nil value…
I’m trying to fix it, but if you know how, that would be great.

im releasing my version of bonkdm soon.

Will it be more user friendly (by which I meann customizable) this time and contain one of your neat o’ HUDs =O? Maybe weapon/Load out saving?

Someone always beats me!

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I’m starting mine anyway.

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And yes, my DM Gamemode will be Fretta Based so it’s easy to add new Classes.

No longer Fretta Based, but easy to add to.

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Dammit automerge!

For your derma menu what do you mean problems with it server-side? I would be more then willing to help since this is relatively simple.

Name, fits, too, much!