- Basic Guidelines [Updated 10/08/2017] DO NOT POST BASIC QUESTION THREADS USE MEGATHREAD -

Yo relax, this is just keeping this subforum in check.


Some non-source mapping is fine, even down to discussing mapping/architectural concepts with or without software. Have in mind this place is primary for Source mapping.

Just thought I make that clear after getting some PMs.

Source Tutorials/Resources

Google your query first before posting, in the many years hammer and source have existed, someone might have already found the answer you’re looking for.

Due to a large number of very basic question threads, we’re going to restrict quick mapping queries to the currently open “Mapping Questions Megathread”. Basic question posts, and single question threads posted outside of this megathread will get you banned, and your thread locked without an answer! So try and use it for your basic queries. If you think your query goes beyond a back and forth and needs deeper discussion, feel free to make a thread for it, however unnecessary threads will be locked and your account banned.

Current question megathread - http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1576000