Basic HUD Message displaying request.

Could someone please make me a script that does the following:

  • Finds all entities with the name soda_can
  • Checks if your close to them
  • Checks if your looking at them
  • Shows a few words on the can when you look at it saying “Use To Pickup”

So basicly when your near and looking at an entity called soda_can you see a message in the center of your screen relative to the doors position saying “Use To Pickup”

Im useless with entities, help would be nice.

here we go again, you act :smug: and then ask facepucnh for help.

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hopefuly this is for your hl2 gamemode, i would love to see that released

You are a long way behind.
At least think of a cuss that is in date.

Im asking for help, offer it or dont.

c-unitV2 has more experience then you’ll ever have.

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I have no work too sell and please back up your acusations with proof or evidence please.

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Stop blocking me on steam and add me, Science. I will make this for you.


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because I am really bored

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You are dumber then Science, go away. This is like 20 lines of code, there is no need to sell it.

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Also Science I have this coded already, just add me to get the code.

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Well since he hasn’t added me

local CanSetVar = true;
local Close;

hook.Add(“Think”, “check_distance”, function()
for k, v in pairs( ents.GetAll() ) do
if( v:GetClass() == “soda_can” ) then
if( (v:GetPos() - LocalPlayer():GetPos()):LengthSqr() <= 100 && CanSetVar ) then
Close = true;
CanSetVar = false;
CanSetVar = true;
Close = nil;

hook.Add(“HUDPaint”, “check_trace”, function()
local tR = LocalPlayer():GetEyeTrace();
if( tR.Entity():GetClass() == “soda_can” && Close ) then
local w, h = surface.GetTextSize(“use to pick the item up”)
draw.RoundedBox(6, ScrW()/2, ScrH()/2, w, h, Color(255, 255, 255))
draw.DrawText(“use to pick the item up”, “TargetIDSmall”, ScrW()/2, ScrH()/2 Color(0, 0, 0))

This is the last time I will be helping you, Science. Since you couldn’t take the time to add me for it.


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Why not just make a trace that’s not far from the players eye? :V

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because then I have to look up attachements, calculate positions, this was quicker.

I also want Science to understand it, he wouldn’t understand a more complex version

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