Basic HUDPaint Question

I am making my own little server for a project of mine which involves more than one HUD element (compass and health etc).

Is it better if I use the paint hook once with the compass and the health all in the same addon/module or is it better if I make them both in a different addon/module to keep them separate or doesn’t it matter that much?

Thinking it about it now it would be more efficient to have that one hook having it all so the same hook doesn’t keep running as it runs loads like the think.

Thanks for reading and replying if you do, I am trying to learn and just trying to figure the best practices. :slight_smile:

There is basically no difference other than whatever fits your coding style, after it’s done running one hook it passes onto the next.

Alright okay, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

@ubre the menu at the top of the screen that comes up when you use your mouse wheel… do you know how to make a custom one ?

You basically have to disable the default one and make yours from scratch.
Here’s an example:

@ubre Thank you :slight_smile: