basic posing contest

im a noob so im triying to get more noobs to make scenes and get tips from more expert posers
ill start off

oh btw:
*no porn
*scenes must be made in gmod
*dont rate if u have posted a pic
*and dont be to hard on ppl because
its an BASIC CONTEST so dont expect to see perfect pics

Thats not nooby.
Thats average.

If you want tips:
The posing is excelent I cant see anything wrong
You didnt waste much space thats also great
Try to download other models the normal ones are boring(in my opinion)
Get Gimp or Photoshop and start editing your pictures(or use the ingame feature called Post Processing)
Download other weapon models the CSS ones are very low res.

Really its not that bad.

I don’t think post processing should be directly called a feature. It’s more like a collection of visual elements.
Gimp and photoshop is nothing to really recommend to a beginner. Let them learn how to make good pictures in-game first.

geez thx guys

I don’t really understand this competition at all.

Easy, people that can’t edit and miss experience post images here.

I don’t really get the point of a competition. If said people just make threads with their pictures they’ll get more criticism there.

Yeah but the Forum wont be spammed with shitty pictures :smug:

If they listen to criticism I have no problem with bad pictures or the quantity in which they are posted.

yeah i tried to make an thraed for noobs to post on (sutch as me)
to get help from more advanced posers
>:-( but now u guys fuckt it up with ur discussion about the meanings of this thread

Cry some more.

This is pointless.

Basic posing is nooby. Like not posing legs and arms just the head and giving a shitty face pose.

That cracked me up.
This thread is senseless now.

This thread wins at failing. lol Cry some more.

:regd08: :razz:
It has begun!!