Basic questions about s&box

First off, nice to be back and nice to see the forum hasnt changed too much. i really like the similar thread algorithm thing.

As for s&box, i havent found out a whole lot about it other than “IT R GMOD 2” and wanted to learn a little. what will it do differently to major over gmod? will modding be similar/as easy as gmod? and do you think this will surpass gmod since the main thing going for gmod (imo) is having over a decade of content made for it over the years? not trying to be a dick just curious.


s&box offers tons more in terms of content creation. Live hotloaded updates for code (C#) and models (vmdl / modeldoc) better lighting and graphics capabilities thanks to Source 2 and a slew of other benefits.

Basically never before has it been easier to make gamemodes and addons and the flexibility and potential is huge.

If you haven’t already definitely take a look at reading the official blog for s&box, it just got a new post yesterday.

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Basically every feature will be done better (programatically) and there will be less engine limitations for developers, and it will be easier to develop for it. Empowering devs means more content and better content for the players.

ho damn garry made a blog how did i miss this? thanks