Basic questions about the game (Mainly DarkRP related)

Hi, today i purchased the game after much consideration and i instantly wanted to jump right into it after watching streams of people playing it.
Here are my questions.

firstly, HOW ON EARTH DO YOU ROTATE ITEMS D: ? thats driving me nuts.

my other questions are: Whats with the jobs in these RP maps? i keep getting that little box like so & so wants to be a civil protector, how do i become one of these or any of the other jobs for that matter?

When i go into a store it asks if i want to have it as my own and so on and press F2 to get it, whats with this and what beneifit does that have?

What is there for me to do as a civilian? as to be quite honest its really boring not being able to do anything other then play around with some basic props

Whats the purpose of DarkRPs and which ones are the best?

Hold “E” while holding a prop, then move your mouse. That is how you rotate objects.

Press F4 while playing on DarkRP and select “Jobs”. Click one of the boxes which best suits your preference. Or you can type “/job Banker” or something which will give you a custom job title. Only do this if the server doesn’t already have the same job.

When you purchase a door you can lock it with the “Keys” weapon, meaning only you can enter and unlock it. You can give it a custom title, such as “Bank”.

As a civilian, you basically just pretend to be a normal person. Lots of people find it boring, but if you can be creative, you can do lots (such as using /job to become a Vigilante or something).

DarkRP is the most commonly-used roleplaying gamemode, but it really does depend on what you prefer. You’ll have a much easier time finding a DarkRP server than anything else.

Hope this helps :smile:

I’d recommend my own DarkRP, if you want a serious server, but its empty and has an admin problem ATM, so you’d be better off joining some other gamemode.

I’d recommend PERP at:

And by the way, the best way to learn, is to learn on the job :v:


my eyes are broken

Its why I recommended PERP, I told him that mine is empty. Please read it.

Sorry about that bro, I’m at work and have to skim shit, Snippin it :v: