-- Basic Rust Server-- |PVP|AIRDROPS|EVENTS|Starter|OXIDE MODS|

Hey there. This server is for your daily use! Friendly community’s beginning to build! Admins are always active, server is very noob friendly. Here to help and give a fun experience for everyone. Daily Events, along with Daily Gifts. Starter is enabled with cloth and a weapon. There will be no abuse of admin powers, and the server will not be wiped unless developers force a wipe. Come and see what its all about. There is an Arena for events where you are able to directly Teleport Yourself to the events.

Last Wipe (1/20/14)


**- PVP : ON

  • DoorShare : ON
  • Kits : ON
  • Sleepers : ON
  • Admin : Active - No abuse or they will be removed.
  • Air drops : ON (15 Players) ((Admin’s also call 30 drops often)) (((YES 30 AIRDROPS AT A TIME)))
  • NOOB FRIENDLY : Yes, we will help you get started and teach you how to play if needed!
  • 50 Slots : But looking to grow!
  • NO CRAFTING C4 : But you can find the C4 itself in crates and zombies. **

- There is no cheating allowed, Griefing is a kick able offence.


Great server, been playing on it since it first started up. Admin’s are great and helpful. I have no had any problems with admin abuse at all. Very noob friendly so if you’re looking for a good server to start on without having to worry about getting killed constantly while trying to start up I recommend this server.

Great server.


This is a seriously fun server. Competitive play, but friendly, great atmosphere.

Da Best Server

Thanks guys, glad you enjoy playing hope to start events soon.

Active admins, there are always players on, the community is awesome!
Overall a good server.

10/10 will rejoin.

Thanks Dizzy, hope u had a fun time on the server.

Airdrops be starting soon everyone

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AlibiFire, it was fun playin with you. Hope you come on back and we can finish our sniper war.

Jumping back on in a few. hopefully there will be some arena events.

Yep there will be Crunch Have fun!