Basic, starting changes to be requested

I could go on all day about “cool” things I think should be added but I’ll stick with some basic additions/fixes that would be really nice to current gameplay.

  1. Once a door is destroyed, I can’t put another one in it’s place.
  2. It’s a royal pain in the butt when people build stuff attached to my base, I put something somewhere wrong and can’t change it without rebuilding or people put pillars in the middle of foundations. Removable built items would be fantastic. Maybe require a toolbox or something of the nature? Even if the removed item is destroyed, its better than spending hours on a build to have it massacred by other people attempting to raid or indecisive building.
  3. Zombies and animals can hit you from ~10 feet away. Could we make it so they have to get within actual arms length? I know zombies will be removed but until then it would be a nice change.
  4. Moveable storage boxes would be awesome. Building a house with a bunch of storage only to expand and have to build more boxes sucks.
  5. When putting a door in place, it has to be just right or it will glitch on some whacky axis.

These would be a good start for me.
If someone has already suggested all or some of these, sorry for the extra post but at least it shows more support. I’m not going to take all day to search for every listed item.

Lastly, please and thank you.

  1. undestroyable walls(maybe made out of stone) would be awesome (only doors destructible)

or some wooden/metal walls upgraded with wooden planks or metal stripes.

  1. Once a door is destroyed, I can’t put another one in it’s place.

its only for 5min, its because, when you raid someone and get his door down, you don’t want him to place a new one so fast, right?

Lets see…

  1. That is to stop people from blowing your door and placing one of theirs right off the bat. A little bar is at the bottom of the door way, takes a few to fade out.

  2. Not much to tell you there. Build a spike wall next to your wall or a foundation with pillars all around it. It happens, could make friends with your lamprey neighbor!

  3. Don’t have that prob. Could be a lag thing… do shots hit a few seconds off for you? If not it may be you are getting closer then you think.

  4. You say that now but when you get raided and thy have to blow doors and look in every box thy some times get board and leave.

  5. The snap in with doors is still a little off, got to just find that spot. But its better then the way it was being able to put them any were!

  1. I didn’t know there was a delay. I’ll keep that in mind. I must not have seen this this bar you’re talking about.
  2. I don’t care if people build it to raid, but at least let me remove it later. People can have a toolkit and it actually take time to remove the items but it would be great if it could be done.
  3. I don’t have any lag issues. Everything else works fine.
  4. I see your point but let that be my choice. Like I said, it would be very helpful for customizing my base. Like adding extra doors and expanding.
  5. Yeah, but it would be great if “that spot” was default.

As far as I understand this is being fixed in the pending update coming today/tomorrow.

My suggestion to you is to read the as some of the things your talking about can be seen here and are awaiting to be resloved (example: removing things in your own home such as walls etc will be streamlined to be easier) the door thing is a good thing