Bass Jukebox

Hey, this is my first time using Auzisleet’s gm_bass module. I made this as a test, and perhaps a part of my next Media/YouTube Player addon (GMedia). Just wanted to post some progress and know what you guys think, and whether I should add it into my next release. Anyway here it is.

It would require a DLL that you cannot download from the server, but I plan on having support for people who do not have bass as well.

I did take a look at how Auzisleet did the spectrum analyzer being as he made the module, mine is somewhat similar. So credits to him for that.

I do appreciate constructive criticism, but I don’t need random trolling. (BTW the link at the top is just temporary and it’s still very much a WIP)

Different visualizations?

So far looks good.

Make the entire thing 3d2d though, such as music selecting/input.

Lookin good, needs maor featurezz though.

Yea, as I said, its a work in progress. Far from done. :slight_smile:

Nice progress, I did a Radio similar to yours some time ago, it plays Internet mp3 streams and has 3d sound too. I have to say: gm_bass for the win! :smiley:

Just need to get Garry give us if not awesomium then at least BASS.
(embedded into gmod I mean)

He needs to buy rights for both. Which I doubt he will do, even though it would be really useful. :confused:

I was under the impression that it was because their creators didn’t want them included, he didn’t include them?


So he can’t buy the shareware license? gmod doesn’t cost 40 euros.

This is awesome, dude :slight_smile:

Release PLEASE :smug: