BatGirl Animated version

if anyone is a good modeler, can you make a animated batgirl model for gmod? I ask this because eventually the animated (batman,robin, nightwing, and catwoman) from arkham city will be rigged real soon so why not complete the roster of it by bring batgirl to the picture.

I know theres a model of her in this game call batman rise of sin tzu.

You could always try to rip Batgirl/Woman from DCUO. I think she’s there for the taking.

Support, mostly because the Batman Animated Series and Batman Beyond are way better then some of the shitty action cartoons like Ben 10.

Batman would beat the shit out of him.

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He beat the shit out of superman several times, it wouldnt be a stretch.

he even beat up superman while he’s old on one of those batman comics I have.

The Dark Knight Returns.

The book that gave batman his balls back.

yea that’s the book, I saw him kill the joker by snapping his neck.

HA, funny, actually, the joker snapped his own neck to frame batman for murder.

I guess it worked :v:

Hmm, I guess I didn’t see that correctly.