Batgirl - Cassandra Cain

Just put her up on the workshop.

Holy Batballs!!


Works great.

Great work! :smiley:

she’s like 66% legs.

Good job.

Looks pretty cool. Nicely done.

Cho mình xin phép copy bài này sang website của mình nhé bác chủ Topic :slight_smile: Cám ơn bác nhiều ạ :slight_smile:
Ps: Xin phép trước không bị chửi :frowning:

don’t understand viet, sorry

Silly question, why does Batgirl have white notches around her mouth? It looks like a doll…unless that was part of the design?

Seems to be stitching on the costume

Wraithcat is right in that it’s stitching, plus it symbolises the fact that Cass doesn’t actually speak, unless that has changed since I’ve only got the very first issues of Batgirl. Does she speak now or is she still a mute?

She doesnt exist anymore.

She became able to talk later. Of course being the only batgirl that took pointers from the batman, she doesn’t exactly talk much.

Eh they keep changing the mythos. I wouldn’t be surprised if a cameo showed up later, either as the black bat, or as herself