Batman and Catwoman interrogating one of Joker's henchmen

this would never happen

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plus that guy is from that shitty game where you rob banks

this pictures sick, how did you get it looking so realistic?

“How do you do. My name is Christian Bal… I mean Batman. And the fine lady coupling with your neck is my associate Catwoman. We’re here to help spread the word of Jesus Christ.”

If i was that guy…I would be loving life at this moment in time…

You seem like a pretty shitty poster from this post and some of your others.

Lucky bastard.

Catwoman has monster thighs.

posing is pretty dull and lifeless in this picture.

That is some gay interrogating by Batman, I’ve seen him do better in the cartoons.

Christ, you’re a shitpost machine.

Anyway, great picture, I really like it!

The way he’s holding his hand…it’s like he’s quoting Major Payne…

“Now, you’re just gonna feel a little pressure…”

Where did you get that batman model?

Check my Batman Release Thread in the Models/Skins Release section.

“Yes, hello, nice to meet you, I am batman”