Batman: Arkham Asylum Models

I know there are a couple out there, but I’m in particular need of Batman and Bane. I saw that Bane had been done, but had a dead link and I haven’t seen a good Batman yet and searching hasn’t found anything. I guess there could be renewed interest once Arkham City is released, but that’s a good two months away till then.

There’s Batman, alongside Joker and Harley

Reupload of Bane

LuigiMario ported Killer Croc to Gmod, however it’s his only Batman Arkham Asylum Ragdoll ported right now.

Thanks a ton for the quick response guys.

the bane model is error when i come in to the gmod

Hey, I’ve downloaded them put both of the first folders in addons, they simply don’t show.

Go to my thread in the release section.

Aaron, why don’t you post up a link please mate? =D