Batman Arkham City Ragdolls.

Such as the various Batmen, Robin, Catwoman, Harley, Hugo, Two Face, etc.

Oh, i havent played the game yet, so please keep spoilers in tags.



And the various other villians like Black Mask, Riddler, the thugs, etc.

I didn´t know that there were any other costumes on Arkham City, pretty good idea from Rocksteady. I can´t wait for play as Catwoman, Batman & Robin

i support but don’t make spoilers dudeees

The files inside the packages cant yet be extracted because the creator of UModel (the extractor made by Gildor) will only be supported with Batman AC files when he gets the PC version, not the 360 or PS3 version :slight_smile:

That Batman Beyond is scaring me with that face…Bruce in the outfit just looks weird.

The PC release won’t be until November 15/18th, so that’s still some times off, though. Still, these would be awesome to have, so support for now.

By the way
i don’t know if you can port S.C batman cause he’s only for ps3
i guess
And Robin and his Costumes could be cool

Frank Miller’s Batman looks badass.

Edit: I support, and agree with the no spoiler’s thing.

Pre-game release: that looks like ass, the 70’s suit looks good.

After-Game release: wow i was completely wrong.

I mean the 70’s suit isnt bad, but theres something about the cape that looks odd.

Oh my God

Animated skin look scary and at the sametime funny


So, the PC version’s out now. Does anyone have plans to make some ragdolls?

Umodel doesn’t work with this game yet, so wait till it is and then someone can port from it