Batman Arkham City

Not particularly requesting anything considering the game just released. Im more wondering if anybody plans to port some of the models eventually. Like two-face perhaps?

already, let us beat the game first then we get down business. cant wait for the Bruce Wayne model soon anyway…

The game is out for PS3 and Xbox 360 but not for PC

you can wait until the game is for pc
and wait the guys who port them to finish the game

Im not asking for anything. I asking if its possible. And I thought it just released on steam the other day?

Well, they say the PC Models are higher poly, and the PC version is released near the start of November, dont remember the date though. But the extractors author said he will only make the extractor for the PC version :slight_smile: So it will be around middle of November when they will possibly start porting :slight_smile:

Sweet. We could use a Joker minion. Thank you for your answer.