Batman: Arkham City

Now I know there are Arkham Asylum models floating around, but I was wondering if anyone out there think of Arkham City models?

The List:

Harley Quinn-New Outfit
Joker-Titan Infected(not the monster he becomes at the end of Asylum, but the ravaged skin version)
The Riddler
Hugo Strange
Victor Zsasz
The Penguin
Solomon Grundy
James Gordon
Calendar Man
Black Mask
Mr. Freeze
Ra’s al Ghul
Talia al Ghul
Thugs(Penguin,Joker,Two-Face and regular inmates)
Various Props

Well I know its a tall order, but I would be bloody happy with only a couple, now I have Blender I would personally try and make this for GMod but I’m not tech savvy with Blender and everything to do with Model making. If someone was to start to make these I would help as much as I can, I’m quite adept at skinning models.

Not possible to port from it

Well as of now, the Umodel compatibility table says it doesn’t extract models or textures

Well thats just fantastic.

I’m sure someone will find a way eventually. It’s just a waiting game (Or a working game if you’re one of those talented porters)

Talia, Harley, and Catwoman have been extracted from the 360 iso. I don’t want to post the location of these files because the author is cautious about the abuse of his work, but search around a bit. They’re out there.

That was really helpful.

is the animated catwoman been extracted too?

He’s mentioned in comments that he plans on porting more Catwoman costumes, along with Vicki Vale. He hasn’t said how he ripped them (from what I’ve found), though one person mentioned on his main profile that he may have ripped static models with “Game Assassin” and then rigged them himself.

Gotta love those XNA Lara peeps.

I keep saying this: The Gmod community needs to open channels with the XNALara community. They always get the cool models!

As does the GTA: SA community.

Such is the plight of the seemingly backward Garry’s Mod community.

You forgot batman, default and his suits.

Yes its differant from AA.

I’m sorry for being stupid but where do I put these? I put them in addons but they didn’t work.

You’d have to convert them to source models first.

Read. These models are for XNALara, not Gmod.

Well, what are we waiting for? Do you have someone on it? I don’t even see a download on those, but it’s there somewhere.

I want to violate his “Do not use it for porn” rule :v:

But I probably won’t


Oh clever, the download thing is the download button. I was expecting it to be to see the picture in full size

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I like that they figure out these ports, but generally in my experience XNA Lara porters always bitch about anything that gmod porting stands for

i have to agree with this, and uhm i am a xnalara porter xD (portress actually xD)
The Community takes stuff too serious^^ thatz why i’ll change to gmod once i got it…
But enough of the off topic.

Batman arkham city models can be ripped with game assassin as said above^^ in t-pose
GA is available in a thread on xentax (just google 'xentax game assassin" or something)

Itz a bit complex to work and setup at first but itz just fine.
I wrote a small tutorial about itz usage here:


I’m using that GA tutorial now. I’m going to see if it works for Brink…

And you Forgot:
Nightwing, Robin and His Suit

Now this is a list of what models I assumed people would want the most, I personally hate Robin and Nightwing, but if someone ports the majority of these models I’m sure Robin & Nightwing might or would be included.

Evryone have his own tastes

By the way

i really hope for Sinetro Batman
(And the other skin)