Batman Arkham Origins - Models

Format: PSK
Bones: YES[/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t]

Mediafire Folder

-he fixed it-

That’s pretty much putting your fingers up your ass and saying NANANANANANA I CANT HEAR YOU.

Don’t give a fuck, stranger. Rin’s always been an asshole, and Zurfer is kinda doing everyone a huge favor, images or not, so I don’t see why he’s getting dumbs just because he didn’t have the thread perfectly sorted or completed.

Maybe there’s something I’m missing.

I was going to say you could have at least put the names, but then I clicked the link and they’re all there so it doesn’t really matter. Thanks a lot for this OP


Alright now just got to wait a few months for someone to be nice enough to make these for using.
Good luck to who ever does it.

Lol what the fuck is going on, calm down.


That was quick, good job.

Good job Zurfer, Deadshot is looking badass as always.

Half these guys look like they’re either ready to play paintball or go on a ski trip.

Outstanding work

this is so amazing cool!!!

Thanks for the uploads!
Question: Is it possible to get the environment files? Buildings and such?

Swagtastic! Now I just need to wait for some more heads to use these guys (namely Deathstroke) :v:

am i just being ignorant , the models are great , but none of them seem to have eye textures…can anyone enlighten me


edit… its ok i got it

Its not as easy as that, the buildings, are sorta like legos. The buildings are made up of models, so you have to reconstruct it by finding the right models.

So, there is no such thing as a “town hall” building model, there might be a “town_hall_pillar_01” model, which did go to the building that you see in the game.

But been a long time since I posted a RAW game pack…hmmm :wink:

I would be very grateful if I could get the building models. I dont even need the textures, just the geometry. Such great gothic looking buildings in this game and Id love to have them (even in pieces I could reconstruct). I just dont know how to do it myself

Huh, Killer Croc looks like Steven Armstrong-if he was a reptilian [sp]hybrid super soldier[/sp].