Batman: Arkham origins

Seeing it came out a couple of days ago
I thought I’d make a thread of it.

so anyone got some models out?
I know the IOS models are leaked already but other then that no clue.

I think waiting a little longer might be better, it has just come out. Need to give people time.
And I’ve seen some of the IOS models, they need to be avoided at all costs.

batman models:

Umodel has been updated to support Origins so it’s super easy for anyone to get the models now. Have fun!

EDIT: Not sure why artworkplay thought this post was “late.” If it wasn’t obvious, the models pictured above are from the iOS version of Origins that was freely available about a week ago. Umodel didn’t need updating to support it. However, the platform version of the game was released today and was not supported by umodel until gildor updated it just a few hours before this original post.

How do I open this in umodel? I tried and it would not read it, it just said un-found!