Batman asylum ragdoll

I have found that model in iternet i can’t give a cape for Batman but the joker is awesome…here 2 screenshots

I need help t compiling someone can help me?

Batman looks kind of low quality.

Batman looks very stretched

i don’t made the models i only must compiled

I like the Joker model. Can’t say the same for Batman though…

Probably his computer, you ever seen his screenshots?

The Joker looks sweet. I prefer that one to the MKvsDCU one.

Man, Bats looks lame without his cape.

Although i dont mind the cape, why does batman need one? (other than gliding, looking cool, and having it resemble bat wings)
…Wait, thats exactly why he has a cape.

I don’t see any bones. Did you even rig them?

No i’ve only in max format…i try to converting in smd but don’t working

O: i wan’t joker :smiley: plz finish the joker model !!!