Batman Chasing After Joker And Quinn

Blur looks odd on Joker’s face thought it looked cool, lol.

Well, thats one way to make a getaway. Classic Joker!

Joker: WEEHEHEHE!! You’ll never catch me now Bats!
Pretty good! I’ve got some epicly fitting music

I didn’t see this coming!

Nice, except Quinn’s head is tilted too much to the left, kind of makes her look like she’s falling asleep. Good map choice too

The Joker has six fingers?

have a box for keeping that extra finger in

Is that the Arkham Batman model? Ooooh.

Oh, ahahaha.

Fuck no that song is way overused now

I love how Harley’s jugs look in that picture, would be better if they werent blurred with the rest of the of the picture tho.

Benny Hill never gets old, it’s a classic.

I would pay to see a batman joker chase with this music

where do you find the joker model and batman skin

This was an unnessecery bump, could have just sent a pm to him.
But its my understanding they are both unavailable to the public. I think the link to the Batman skin is dead.

ah ok tank

LuigiMario Will sooner or later release his batman ports hes working on his Brawl models right now.

and the reskin

Yeah you really had to say that huh?

I laughed. Have a funny.