Batman OneMillion Suit - Batman: Arkham Origins (SFM)[/t]

The Onemillion suit for Batman from the game Batman: Arkham Origins, ported to Source Filmmaker. Compatible with the rig_biped_simple IK script.

This model is only for SFM!

Skin 0 = Default| Skin 1 = Burton Style| Skin 2 = Classic| Skin 3 = Beyond

Alternate Textures - SN/AaronM202
Textures, Porting, Riggin - Porky-da-Corgi
Original Models & Textures - *WB Games Montreal *


Great work!

Yeah its batman model…crap Sfm. Nevermind
Their needs to be a sfm category or something.

Here’s the SMD and QC if anyone wants to have a go at fixing it up for Gmod:

Nice work! This is an awesome Black Panther model! :stuck_out_tongue: (lol instadumb)

Actually you just gave me an idea, I should hack this model to look like Black Panther!

Pretty good, I really love this reskin. I really wish someone make a TDK Joker, my version (Lestat_cv’s, yes, is one of my several nicknames) is a pile of crap.


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SFM is Source FilmMaker. Models compiled strictly for SFM, like this one, do not work in GMod due to the lack of a physmodel in the compile. You don’t need download links for SFM, as that can be easily found by going onto Steam and looking it up in the Store pages. It’s also free to use, so there’s no need to pay for it. You also don’t need a tutorial video on how to install it for SFM, as simply subscribing to it on the SFM Workshop page that’s provided in that post will automatically have it downloaded for you when you run the program.

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