Batman Release Thread

[h2]Welcome ladies and gent’s to the BATMAN Release Thread for all models and maps and props and packs related to the caped crusader-who-is-totally-not-a-

raging-pedophilic-man or anything[/h2]


**Jasons Ports:
-Arkham City Batwing:
-Arkham City Props and Weapons:
-Batmobile and Batwing:
-Arkham asylum props: (batmans grapple and jokers gun are in jasons big “previously unreleased” pack as

seen here: download link )

Redman, Srgt. Shotup, and SN’s (thats me) Ports, Skins, and hexes:
-SN and Srgt. Shotups Bane and Croc mini-pack:
-SN and Srgt. Shotups 4 Little Batmen and the fantastic bendy cape: n
-Srgt. Shotup’s Arkham Asylum Armored Batman Plus 7 skins:
-Carlos Danda concept jokers:
-Dark Knight and Sinestro jokers:

VenemousBeetle’s Skins:
70’s batman V1:

-Batman, Harley, Joker:

Fedges Ports:
-Joker Goon -
-Lunatic -
-Scarecrow -
-Warden Sharp -
-Zsasz -


-Poison Ivy:


-Killer Croc:

Also, theres this wierd batman:

-The Tumbler:

-Batman TAS Batmobile:


Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy.

My stuff is near to be released
Just a Small Preview!

Someone bug this guy to reupload it

Also you forgot scarecrow


This look any good? thinking about releasing


It’s a reskinned MKvsDCU batman to look like the 1970’s skin.

Will likely do a black face follow up to look like these:


I already make this skin for batman from MK vs DCU
I’ll release soon

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Preview of batman Dark Knight Skin
Release Date:
Today Bitches

I decided to release it

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Do you mean batman beyond skin?

Also nice TDK batman. Is that an official deadpool? did they finally release it or is it “hurr private models”

I have to fix it, i can release him in this week

Something wrong with him?

I was about to try to fix it from the L4D2 port myself

Fuck yeah, Batman’s the best. Does anybody have a Robin model? I’ve never seen one and I think it would be useful for poses and comics. Nice Thread, Aaron.

Never seen one. Robin and Mr. Freeze and all the animated skins are what I hope is on the block next

Little problem don’t work for me
I don’t know why , but i can’t upload thing on

Gimme some time for my friend to correctly port the model and i can make it even better.

Port what model correctly? The MKvsDCU? It’s not ported right?

also not that this is related to batman, but I tried my hand at fixing deadpool myself

I guess it’s sort of related as this can make do for a neato Deathstroke reskin but

No, its not even remotely how it SHOULD be, its stiff, default civilian physics, no faceposing whatsoever, and it as playermodel mitten handposing.

It should be more like the joker and batman ragdolls from arkham city.

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Here he is if anyone wants to have a crack at him

S-low made Scarecrow


Also, you wouldnt be able to take a crack at MK vs DCU batman would ye? :v:

You know I can’t rig

Then who did the postal pack?

As long as it uses the same tex we should have no problem! Would love it

Yeah, it does, it just needs better fucking rigging and shit.

Postal 3 is on the Source Engine