Batman Release Thread

Thats because i applied her actual textures onto her AA model and handed them to kritter, cause he asked.

So does this mean no one is making a Dr. Strange model or is someone making it and I’m just having a stupid moment? :downs:

No, i dont believe so, he’s marvel too, not dc.

[sp] yes i know you meant hugo, and no, he’s not as far as i know, kritter just posted a milkshape pic awhile back of the model[/sp]

I thank SN for the AC textures just sad the eye poser didnt work on the model

I’ll make a update to her with her normal maps sometime during next week

Btw beetle its 3ds fbx format

This is what me and srgt. shotup have been working on for a bit (shotup ported it and hexed all of my skins onto it and such.)

Download coming soon.

Oh and BTW, theres one tiny small issue with him.

A case of bonitis in his right arm, and his fingerposing is the opposite of his other hand on that arm.

Ill have shotup fix it sometime tomorrow hopefully.

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Yay bat man

It has a bodygroup for the gasmask.

Basically the x/y/z numbers on the right arm need to be reversed from positive to negative. Just did it and it looks pretty good in game. Nice job guys.


Just realized how I typed that. I mean the min/max on the x/y/z numbers needs to be reversed. Which would flip the positive and negative, but I wanted it to be more clear.

Batman Squad!

Srgt. Shotup just fixed it so expect an updated release soon.


Fixed version now download go go go go.


no cape?

Shotup is gonna do the cape as a seperate ragdoll, it’ll prolly make it easier to pose.

fantastic news about the seperate cape, as the cape for the Batgirl model has proven very difficult and Batgirl will end up being rigged into gmod without one sadly, it was impossible i was told, things kept going wrong and it didnt want to co-operate.

just finishing off her re-skin (which is based roughly on her “new 52 comics” look and less DCAU) and removing the hair for a ponytail before sending it away to fedge to see if he can still re-rig her from the XNA skeleton for us.

full comic coming soon

Is it me or the link says No File found??

Just you

nuff said