Batman Reskin

This was all for shits but came out looking pretty decent. Uh there are a few little bugs like the batman logo on his chest is slightly blurred and slightly not visible, Right shoulder is a tad darker then the left.

But other then that how does it look? Oh i didn’t mess with the bumpmap just the texture.

Why is batman green?

If you can’t tell the whole area is green.

Noice work dude, :smiley: too bad i don’t bother downlaoding or posing anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like the normals don’t match.

Uh i said the bumpmap isn’t the same there is some flaws to it but it came out alot more decent then i thought it would.

Any other thoughts? Other then the normals and bumpmap.

I think it’s pretty cool

It doesn’t look decent. Bumps are retarded

Sorry for liking the skin?

Well since this got bumped i did somewhat finish it.

It looks cool,There are some issues but this was a just fuckaround reskin.

is downoadable

The hell why did you bump this. And no it’s not.

looks fucking sexy

I think it’s cute that any one can take that face seriously.

Needs a new bumpmap.

Just like I need a new personal skin.
Death Stares JMT
Jus’ kiddin.

Not bad, but it has a distinct look of overlays about it.

so whats up with this

so kawaiii

release pls or send me file :o