Batman standing in the rain

I’m low on motivation lately just trying to get my self going again on the stuff i love to do.

Thread Music,

If the title of the thread is UTT for the image please, Mods give me a warning to change it or can you?

I fucking hate this overused damn song.

But yeah, the pic is nice.



This may work, too.
Lol if you just stare at the image while listening to this song it’s so awesome.

A great picture with great editing and posing. I think the music fits, IDk why but I just get the feeling. Great job :smiley:

Not the usual DC sex poses you make

Indeed it does.

Updated post with it


Nice pose and editing.

I like how the rain isn’t going in just one direction like most rain poses.

Yay, that’s better than mad world!

Oh wow, you made batman, a dark knight not so dark…

This should be the music for this thread:


Or this


That one. But thanks all of them are neat to listen too anything.

I like the Pic.