Batman stops a scout rush.

Thats actually pretty funny man, I like it.


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Love it man.


That made me want play Batman AA again

Don’t show Rong this.

Awesome comic.

They just never learn…

Nice posing.

Oh My God…BATMAN you made Batman Fight the Scout?..Ma i Fucking love you

That was really funny.

Dude, one of the best comics I’ve seen in the comic section.

This was awesome, only thing missing now is a layout!

I see all the scouts tossed away their shotguns when Batman appeared for fear of enraging him further, I don’t know that that was the best plan.

Only two had shotguns. (I think)

You should have used the word “fap” as a sound effect.

Well, the scouts that had shotguns did.

Batman always win, nice comic.

Holy shit that was awesome I could imagine that with animation this is just badass, whats next Scorpion from Mortal Kombat vs a Sniper Rush. Or Superman vs a Soldier Rush!