Batman/Superman Models

This is a request for some decent Batman and Superman models. Currently, there ARE several such models in circulation, but the lack face-posing, finger-posing, or even decent rigging, thanks to the fact they are intended only as player models.

As I have said, models for both characters (as well as many other DC heroes) already exist and have been ported to Garrysmod. What I am requesting are decent models for posing, and nothing more than that.

Both the available models are here:

i support this…hmm, theres a few people you could ask, possibly, like maby roland

Nice drawing.

I’ll see what I can do, but I got to stop taking requests like this. The more I take, the less time I have to do them, the less chance they’ll get done. :v:

But I’ll see what I can do for you just because of your nice drawing.

The OP bumped in style

I applaud for you good sir

Your illustration touched my heart.

I just decompiled Superman and he appears to have finger rigging. They’re mittens, but rigging nonetheless.

Yeah, its a CSS rigged model

They all have mittens

Yea all S-Low’s CS:S models are like that they have the bones but only 2 are rigged to anything ¬.¬

Edit: Ah ninja’d by jason278, just like old times ^^

Impressive :smiley:

Alright count me out. They’re pretty high poly, and they’re a pain in the ass for me.

i like how my name was the first in the list…:smug:
but yeah, im hoping that just more than superman and batman get this treatment (like, wolverine, rorshach, sub-zero, scorpion, spiderman,etc.)


hmm, well if you cant do this, can you help with this