Batshit retarded VTOL based on the Hl2 Gunship. Hurr

Hi I made this dumb thing:

Semi-Serious Shit

-It’s a VTOL, therefore does all that cool VTOL shit.
-Mouse aim pitch and yaw.
-I had no intention of finishing it. I lost all ambition when it finally came down to making it fly.
-I had fun building the model.
-It’s based off the HL2 gunship, flies sorta like it too.
-It’s ugly.
-Uses Kickasskyle’s VTOL flight chip and Karbine’s airbrake E2.
-Blade spins. Big fucking deal.
-It’s a VTOL.

I have no video of it since all the GGG servers have simultaneously taken a huge shit and died, I might upload one if they come back. For whatever reason this thing does NOT work on servers. I have tried, I have even remade the flight plate thing from scratch, but to no avail. At the moment it only works in Single Player, even though I have several VTOLs that use the exact same setup with absolutely no problems at all.



I like the bathtubs.

Looks pretty batshit retarded to me… well done.

Looks like a whale.

Building while intoxicated is fun. Dvdprui must be doing it wrong becuz it makes me build better.

looks great :buddy:

You think that looks like a whale? you havent seen my planes. :v:

“So Balto, building another space whale?”

Great VTOL by the way. You’re inspiring me to make a gunship style vtol as well.

Saw this less than 10 minutes ago, I am personally jealous of it to be honest. Don’t add the lights, looks better without them in my opinion. Love it.

The lights were just there so I could go to the underwater section of the map and be able to see in front of me.

It’s so badass you don’t need to see. :smiley:

Vtolity vtol vtol.
Nice one.
As deadly as it is fugly.
Well, not really I guess. But whatever. Do like.

It’s not that ugly , quite cool actually

As soon as the GGG servers are back up and I have access to ACF I’ll add some guns and shit.

It kinda looks like the halo pelican.

I’ma start counting now.

yeah really, it looks nothing like a Pelican.

Does in this picture.


Only the front piece though.

The only thing remotely like it is the angle of the picture.

Die in fire.