Battefield 3 models(?)

There’s anyway to rip models from BF3? If so… you guys have a Link?

A link too what?

Also as of right now, it’s still pretty much impossible to rip from BF3 without the models looking completely flat.

I also want download models from BF2 in .3ds do you have a download link to BF2 models? :smiley:

Not so sure if its possible. Would be amazing if someone succeeded in getting the models.

If you want to have them in .3ds format, you have to decompile them, or port them yourself.

Man I’d gladly work on some BF3 models if it were possible to get em out of the game.

Not Possible
Nobody figured out how the Frostbite 2 Engine works yet (And I doubt somebody will figure it out) and 3D Ripper DX works only with DirectX 9.

I would be happy if there was a way to just get the world textures.

I believe the world textures are mostly detailmaps with bumps over solid colors.

certainly an interesting way of doing it. I wonder what kind of results source could put out with such a method.

It is like this in CryEngine 3 (not sure about CE2). It would be also able to do with source, I think.

Its very doable Here is some tests I just did.

Plain colours with a normal map and detail map, This is one normal, one detail map and 3 “colour” textures that can be used for multiple textures.

Now I just need to get ahold of the BF3 detail and normal textures.

Battefield 3? Is it a new game? :v:

So far I’ve only managed to spot these out for you:

I’ve hoped that a few of these links helped.