Battelfield 4 alpha

Hi if you are interested in extracting bf4 models i have an alpha version via torrent
so if you are interested just leave an coment or a pm

(User was banned for this post ("warez" - Orkel))

not possible to rip models atm, as far as I’m concerned.

If Luxox cant rip = no one can :smiley:

please show us proof that you can “extract” bf4 models. :wink:

I think he “said” that he has BF4… and only this.

I don’t think there needs to be too much of a rush. It’s been one, two years? since BF3’s been released and the models from that are still barely available.

actually, there is some dude on here who ripped almost every model from bf3.

I was in the alpha, and it’s running in 64 bit mode, which means that I can’t use Ninjaripper rip models and textures. I did, however, manage to extract all sounds. Can be downloaded here:!5cxDjQTI!MpO-aXwalxhjivuxYLHNCQVcwlAtd9dYcY3KNUXuRUE

The list of contents is uploaded here:

wow thats cool how did you extract all the sounds?