Battered Soldiers in a Trench


Love it!

which map is that?

Pretty nice. But the equipment looks mighty clean for a trench.

I agree, I was hoping for a real dirty and muddy WW1 type look.

Its a scenebuild and the background was edited in I presume?

Doesnt really matter, it looks pretty nice.

Looks like,

I Might be wrong tho.

It is rp_salvation.

Also, thanks for the comments.


Everything was done in game except for the motion blur, tiny SHEFing, and noise. I like to keep it simple.

Not bad. Quite a bit of wasted space but the lighting is nice and the use of models is good.

I tend to disagree here. Not ever inch needs to have something going on.

Good image and good use of the map props.

It’s rp_salvation you stupid shits.

With enough editing, that I might do, this could look pretty bad ass. :smiley:

link 2 pavelow?