Battle between BLU and RED (32 ragdolls)

all posed (maybe except the corpses),no duplication
I may have slacked the edit but that’s because i was tired after posing so much stuff
original included if you want to knock yourself out with editing


Looks awesome! All the posing seems really solid!

what is wrong with the blue heavy who is wearing the kgb

well,he got blown up…noticed the explosion?

Haha. THis is awesome.

Pretty cool, but demoman and soldier would just destroy the whole team.

Looks like an ingame explosion to me, good job on this one.

i was going to do something like this, but with just melee weapons i never got around to it though

better than expected!

Sticky on the soldiers hat

it’s actually flying beside him

Damnit this picture deserves more than 10 comments! It’s just so awesome.

I might just do this but with 33 ragdolls. :v:

Awesome picture.

i will then beat you with 50


we need an emote for that

Then I’ll do 51. :mmmhmm:

I’ll team up with Enhanced and Hunter to do a massive 150 ragdolls pose.

oh god,i would have create a :bandwagon:!

One word EPIC

That’s some mighty stuff, good work.