Battle Builders - PVP Base Defence

What is Battle Builders?
Battle Builders is a gamemode focusing both the base building construction and attacking strategy.
Both teams have a set of tools to construct their defences and equipment for the offensive while there is a time frame between these stages (defend and attack)

This goal is to destroy the opposing team’s core.

The gameplay flow
Initially the game starts in the defensive stage, both team members have their set amounts of cash to build and think strategically of what to build including:

  • Walls
  • Traps
  • Turrets

After the defensive stage has concluded, the attacking stage begins with a minute to decide what players should equip for this.

Players can’t equip every weapon or equipment so coming up with a class is suggested such as supportive players should go medic or aggressive players can go heavy.

Once the minute has passed, the main battle begins with both teams attempting to destroy the opposing core while also gaining cash for kills and destructiveness.

Keeping in mind the attacking stage is timed, if neither side’s core is destroyed in this time the defensive stage will begin and this process will loop until either core is destroyed

Proof of Concept
This concept was coded in Garry’s Mod to give an idea of the gameplay flow.
Battle Builders Video

Last thoughts
While it is just a concept, hopefully it can be developed on S&box if given the chance and made into a full gamemode.

Thanks for reading this!

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I’m interested. When in the future s&box is public and if you’ll need any maps, contact me. Me and my friend will definitely help you.

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