Battle For Flatgrass

The name of this is so lame, but I thought it was just right.

You can watch it here:

So, let know what you thought of it! It’s not supposed to be amazing or anything, and I ripped the song from GOW, but it’s only because it worked perfectly.

Oh, also, the second half of the video is from a dying soldier’s point of view. He tries to crawl back to his gun, but the antlion guard sees him, and… well… you saw it.

Thanks for watching.

Honestly, this was really bad. This is as basic as npc battles get. Flatgrass, laggy, one camera angle for the most part. The only thing decent at best, was when you tried to do a 1st person perspective.

I wouldn’t recommend doing another one of these, not many people like these kinds of videos (npc battles). Try something else, and also look into the catmull roll camera add on for in game camera movements.

Yeah, I mean, I know it’s not really that great. But I guess my PC didn’t want to run the game smoothly, so I wasn’t able to fight with them, which is what I wanted to do. It’s not supposed to be awesome, you know?
Just messing around and tried to make it cooler I guess.

That’s fine. I’m just giving you some tips if you’re going to make another movie. People here usually like some kind of story or point to the video.

I would personally recommend doing something else other than action or npc battles, make some other kind of movie until you become more skilled at filming and such, and then go back to making some kind of big action movie.