battle for the earth

it would be about than the combine have took total control of the earth so the advisor king began to kidnap heroes of diferent dimension for make them fight in a tournament where they are going to prove their skill in diferents stages like be teleported to an crazy town with thousands of zombies ,or be teleported in a crazy battle of rebels and other combines.

this tournament will decide the destiny of the earth


tHERE IS AN IMAGE IN the home of my web about my new movie

pls comments


this tournament will decide the destiny of the earth


yeah, what the hell is wrong with you guys, right after garry’s background thread you have flooded this damn place with shitposts

I smell a Mortal Kombat Hl2 tie-in

i just want to make an great movie about how it would be if gordon freeman and masterchief would be in the same team. and also for kick some combine asses

pls guys dont be so bad with me X(

Its already been done with screenshots, movies, and drawings.

At the end they must fusion themselves and make the ultimate Gordon Freechief/Master Chieman!

wtf ? its not about powerangers o guys dont be so fagola


i know than it already exists pictures 7 drawings and all that stuff but there is alot of movies about comedy and no ones care if there is thousands of it juts let me make an great movie for show to the people my skill in garrysmod . well thanks for tell me what you think about my idea… XD

Who mentioned Power rangers?
could be GordonVoltronChief :buddy:

Power rangers?! More like pyro rangers.

“go go, pyro rangers!”

that sounds good pyro rangers XD

lamo xd

lamo xd? wtf (that was spanish)?

ITT: Halo fanboy tries to make an awful mackinima featuring his lover Master Chief and Gordon Freeman.
EDIT: And then tries to sell it off as a decent story.