Battle Gamemode Coding Help

i need help with a gamemode i want to create its going to be based on this

where you shoot a prop into a certain area and it increases the number on the scoreboard and when u get a certain amount on you teams area u lose

… What exactly do you need help with? If you’re asking us to code it for you that probably won’t go over well but if you have a specific question I’d be happy to help out.

well to start off i need for there to be 2 teams and the only weapon you have is a gravitygun

The map on this video is scripted so you’ll need a mapper to but im guessing you can handle that yourself.

i can handle mapping but not thae gamemode any helps?

We’re not going to code the gamemode for you.

well thanks for NOT helping

Well, you should actually get a problem more specific. Other than “Can help me with a gamemode.”
I’m suprised no body trolled in here saying “Oh Help me make a game, you code, I get credit” with more “sdfsd” in it.

You need to actually have a specific problem first.

Knock yourself out.

I would recommend using Fretta. It has a great team-based and round-based system that you could work off of.