Battle gm_Bigcity

Well it might be a bit late but still, a video I made 2 weeks ago with a FUCKING AWESOME GUY HE TOTALLY LEGIT AND OYU SHOULD ADD HIM THAT FORCED ME TO POST THIS. Surprising we now have around 550 Subscribers in 3 weeks.

And a side-by-side extra

Reminds me of a video I made about a week before that

Also very good job

This is incredible

A stream of great videos has been coming in latley. And I’m loving it :smiley:

Hmm didn’t even saw this video before i like the static effect, never saw it before.

Awesome, it’s like a spiritual successor for War of the Servers.

Battle Los Angeles cool :smile:

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Actully War of The Servers can suck my ass now, I want to see it like this.

No offence Wots

Damn, Pretty awesome.

Well that was fuckin’ awesome

I came into this thread expecting some generic NPCs fighting eachother frozen in position crap with 10 FPS
This changes my whole look on that

Thanks for all the great comments guys!

I’m soon starting on a new machinima mostly horror themed, we already have the sound track I just need to repair my pc since the powersupply died :frowning:

you just copied it

Well that was kinda the whole goal of this, try to recreate it as much as possible.

Total epicness! Hey Syler, how did you get the shakey-camera effect?

Loved it! I’m impressed!

After effects, and than just add a wiggle expression to the camera position something like “wiggle(5,20)”

You may have just re-made the original peice but it was great. Excellent job :).

Not gonna lie. That was pretty damn funny.

Superb job.