Battle in the Ravine

feat. Cinematic Black Bars

C&C etc

A pretty interesting looking splash effect you’ve got there.

The man on the left is going to be attacked by that water wraith!

Could it be?


coming 2012, only in theatres


I like this. The guy on the far right just got fucked up, shrapnel from a frag I take it?


Original Angle had a Havoc in view, but it was a terrible angle

so he’s being cut up by a Havoc’s gun

you’re kidding right?

as for the official explanation. that still sucks. a havoc’s guns would have fucked the whole place up, it’s not a sniper cannon.

yeah take a closer look and you might notice the x amount of other impacts

though once again, changing the angle removed alot of that, aswell as another two soldier taking cover but hey

Tis why I asked as you said you moved the angle, so it’s always good to ask right?


I love how water flow and blood splash looks gruesome :smiley:


That guy’s head fucking exploded though.

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he must have got hit with some sort of launcher that shoots cinderblocks at 200 KM/h

It takes surprisingly little to explode someone’s head. 7.62x51 NATO will take the entire top half off if your aim is halfway decent.

War is a lot messier than even the goriest of movies, because there’s only so much an audience will tolerate. Pretty much everything has to be scaled back a lot.

So it’s like L4D2?

Not quite as overblown as that, but it does get pretty bad.

I don’t know what the guy on the right was shot with, but I want it.

Ye, totally weird, i lold at him for some reason

Looks really intense.