Battle LA with gore

the upper half of the pic is pretty empty and uninteresting and you should start looking into adding some definition into your fire effects so that they don’t like glowing piles of brushes

also, the spark effects are ugly. add some variety to the motion blur, it can’t all go in one direction like that

Love that blood splattering you got right there.


Why do you always get caught up in empty space? The upper half is absolutely fine and even necessary for effect. It’s adding a soft, uncluttered contrast to a busy and dirty counterpart. Obviously not all empty space is good, but that’s generally when the scene doesn’t flow into it well. This picture doesn’t have that problem.

That being said, the fire does look flat. And why is there a spark or something coming out of Francis’ left shoulder? And why is Battle: Los Angeles such a terrible movie?

i think i’ve just become oversensitive to empty space lol

thanks Chesty

I agree with you on the empty space, it’s all the more noticably since it’s literally just a big white space, not even clouds or something to break it up. That white space would be ideal for a skyline or air vessels.

Nice, and where did you get those models?

jesus that guy looks like he died twice, fucking intense

Probably got spawn killed

you are correct, I should have added some helicopters, and chaos n such. well thanks

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hahahaha, Yeah I was going for “damn”

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How can I make it less flat

Good perspective has not only focus, but also diffusion. I don’t think that empty space spoils this pitcture

well uh it’s a bunch of brushes with blurry edges right now and it really, REALLY doesn’t blend in with its surroundings, try grabbing some fire pics from CGTextures and messing with those


Love it, good thing i bought it on DVD. Your psoe made me wanna see it again.

Exellent as always, keep it up.